Document Management


What is Document Management?

The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), a global community of information professionals define Document Management as, “The use of a computer system and software to store, manage, and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information.”

Did you know?

  • The typical office consumes about 10,000 sheets of paper per worker every year. In terms of cost, that equals about $80.00 per worker every year in paper alone.
  • Almost 50% of all office papers are discarded on the same day they were printed.
  • Every time $1.00 is spent on printing a document, another $6.00 is added simply for handling, storing and distributing that document.
  • The average organization spends approximately $20.00 in labor to file each paper document, $120.00 in labor searching for each misfiled document, and $220.00 in labor to recreate each lost document.
  • On average, 7.5% of all documents get lost, and an additional 3% are misfiled.
  • Standard filing cabinets consume on average 16 square feet of office space. The average cost of office space in the U.S. is about $20.00 per square foot, equaling around $320.00 for the space of each filing cabinet.
  • Two-thirds of organizations that adopt paper-free processes report a payback within 18 months.

(Sources taken from organizations such as AIIM, Xerox, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance.)

How can we help?

From small business applications to enterprise solutions, organizations that utilize document-intensive processes rely on Rothwell Document Solutions to streamline their workflows as they eliminate inefficient paper workflows. The award winning suite of document management software from Square 9 Softworks builds the bridge between People, Paper and Processes.

Why Square 9 SmartSearch?

  1. Easy to Implement
    Eliminate paper in no time with SmartSearch. While easily customizable to fit the needs of any organization, SmartSearch addresses many common business problems “out of the box” with solutions for accounts payable automation, employee onboarding, contract management and many more.

  2. Easy to Use
    SmartSearch document management software eliminates the frustration of managing documents with a highly intuitive interface designed to make life easier. Reduced training requirements and higher adoption rates by users translate into successful projects with a lower total cost of ownership.

  3. Enterprise Scalability
    SmartSearch is used to eliminate paper by organizations of all sizes by easily scaling from small business applications to enterprise solutions. With its modular design, SmartSearch not only scales up it also scales out with enterprise class tools for web forms management, variable data printing and workflow automation.



Modular Design

SmartSearch is offered as both a departmental and enterprise class solution allowing organizations to easily scale to their document management software needs.

This flexible nature of SmartSearch makes it ideal for paper-intensive businesses such as law offices, physician practices, accounting firms, trucking companies, and mortgage and title companies that are looking for a cost-effective way to eliminate their paper-based filing systems.

With its unique scalability, SmartSearch offers you the opportunity to incorporate enterprise document management software into your business at a price you can truly afford. SmartSearch also lowers your total cost of ownership because it’s easy to install, learn, use and support.

SmartSearch comes pre-packaged with KeyFree Indexing, our unique tool for OCR assisted data entry as well as Data XChange for internal ODBC data updates. DataMerge services are also available for ODBC and OLEDB type connections with external data sources. Both tools allow end-users to quickly and easily scan and index documents with reduced data entry requirements.


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About Square 9 Softworks:

Square 9 is the developer of highly intuitive, award winning document management software solutions that can be easily adopted to automate any paper intensive process. Our commitment to proven practices and cutting edge technologies has led to the development of a library of innovative tools for business automation. As a trendsetting software development firm, Square 9 has become the creative force in the next generation of Content Management allowing organizations of all sizes to embrace the reality of a paperless office.

For more information on document management solutions from Rothwell, and to learn more about you can get started with document management in your business, please contact us today!