What Every Document Management System Needs

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Hundreds of documents in file cabinets

Document management is designed to do the hard work for you and enable you to easily handle the rest. However, to get the job done, every document management system needs a few key elements. Let's take a closer look!

Why Document Management?

Before zooming in on the nuts and bolts of document management, let's take a step back and look at the solution as a whole.

Document management systems help you take control of your files--both online and off. Their goal is to help you organize, streamline, and communicate with confidence, and they do that with a variety of tools ranging from version control to shared workspaces.

You can expect all kinds of benefits from document management, including:

  • Less wasted space: Say goodbye to file cabinets. Document management makes it easy to scan and store your physical files, allowing you to shred anything you don't want to store on-site.

  • Less wasted time: Tired of searching through thousands of files for that one critical document? You're not alone. That's why document management makes it easy to organize files with naming conventions, keywords, dates, and more--and, better yet, you can easily search for exactly what you need.

  • Less wasted money: Document management saves money by helping you avoid security breaches, data loss, noncompliance, and more.

Key Elements of a Good Document Management System

So, now that you know all the benefits, how do you get your hands on them? Simple: Make sure your document management system has these key elements.

  • #1: Mobile access

These days, mobile access is key to effective document management. You need to be able to save, share, and update files wherever business takes you.

  • #2: Flexibility

If a solution or approach isn't working, you need the flexibility to pivot. Document management systems should never lock you into any one way of doing things.

  • #3: You

That's right: You're a critical element of any document management approach. That means you should take an active role in determining your goals, tracking your progress, and guiding the solution to address your biggest pain points.

In conclusion, document management can be a great tool for saving time, money, and space--but it can't do those things without a little help. Make sure your system has elements like mobile access and flexibility, and don't forget how important you are to every solution.

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