Fast, courteous. Mike is always professional and efficient.
David Hall is one of our regular technicians. He always takes care of our copier issues and have had no problems with him. Thanks again for all your help, David!
I deal with a lot of vendors/subcontractors/services in my role as an Office Manager and, without hesitation, I would say that you are the best at customer service.
Roger had serviced our equipment for the years leading up to his retirement, and John has stepped into Rogers shoes quite well. He was able to figure out the issue within maybe 30 seconds of examining the machine. He ordered the part and helped us figure out a way to use the auto document feeder while we were waiting for the part to fix its issue.
Your entity is always quickly and pleasantly responsive to our requests for service.
The equipment could not be repaired and he went out of his way to get us a loaner copier that same day!
You always do an excellent job and the turnaround time is so quick and prompt.
Mary has always been extremely helpful with whatever technical problems we have.
Cant say enough how great your services are across the board. We appreciate it very much.
Perfect. Mark Lennick showed up a day early and cleaned by toner area and fixed the problem quickly.