Perfect. Mark Lennick showed up a day early and cleaned by toner area and fixed the problem quickly.
I recommend you all the time.
Instead of rushing to get to the next call, Rodger patiently worked through the problem, explained to me how it happened and how to avoid it in the future. He made sure our Lanier was working perfectly before he left.
I have no suggestions for improvement--your service is always top notch!
Would highly recommend Rothwell Document Solutions - quick response to my request for service for both of our copiers with the technicians being very professional, friendly, and showed concern to make sure our copiers were repaired and up and running properly.
Kevin was awesome! We appreciate his quick response. :)
I didnt check all 10s without putting thought into it. Mike showed the teachers how to load the staples which they were having a problem with and they were very pleased with him.
The phone response was excellent even though our issue was intermittent. Your staff is pleasant and great to deal with and responds well in all circumstances.
I have NEVER met a kinder copier service technician. He is a true gentleman, very polite and knowledgeable, he is able to explain how it all works.
every time a tech comes in they do great jobs some of the equipment is dated and they seem to restore like new almost like new! great company thanks so much!