Three Perspectives on Wide Format Printers for Schools

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When it comes time for schools to choose office equipment, it's often the people making the decisions whose perspectives are most highly valued. This makes sense--after all, these individuals have a strong understanding of the budgets and goals necessary for new investments.

However, when it comes to something as impressive as wide format printers, other school stakeholders have perspectives that can shape the deployment and utilization of these machines--and the identities of these stakeholders might surprise you.

Let's take a closer look!

How Students See Wide Format Printers

Although they're at the heart of any educational institution, students are often viewed as third parties when it comes time to make investment decisions. However, since most office equipment indirectly impacts the student experience, it can be valuable to take a walk in a student's shoes--especially when it comes to wide format printers.

Here are three things a learner thinks about these impressive machines:

  • They're fun.

Students of all ages are likely to take notice when a wide format printer enters their school. These machines have all kinds of functions and features, meaning that education just got a whole lot more fun.

  • They're high-tech.

Wide format printers can do a little bit of everything, from vehicle wraps and banners to posters and brochures. The technology needed to get the job done is nothing short of incredible--and students, who are increasingly tech-savvy, will appreciate their school's dedication to evolution.

  • They're a chance to engage with learning material in new ways.

There are all kinds of different learning styles. If students don't feel like their unique learning style is being catered to, they may have trouble connecting with educational material--but wide format printers offer hands-on ways to take control of the learning experience. Even if students don't directly interact with the office equipment, they'll benefit from the new opportunities it provides.

How Parents See Wide Format Printers

As students get older, parent perspectives are often shifted to the sidelines. However, even college-age learners may still approach their learning experience with support from their family--which means parents will likely have a thing or two to say about the school's wide format printers.

  • They're a good investment.

Whether parents are supporting the school through tax dollars or are paying for their child's private or college education, it's important for educational institutions to use that money wisely. When parents see wide format printers in play, they'll appreciate just how far their contributions have gone--especially since this office equipment creates real benefits for everyone in the school system.

  • They'll enrich the educational experience.

Parents are always hoping for a chance to see how school leadership is improving the educational experience. Wide format printers answer that need, creating new opportunities to present and connect with learning material. As a result, a student's education will be richer and even more valuable.

  • They'll inspire creativity.

Wide format printers are beacons of creativity. Parents know that learning isn't all about books and grades, so they'll see this office equipment as a chance for students to think outside the box, approach problems in new ways, and add some color to their education (literally).

How Teachers See Wide Format Printers

Although teachers may occasionally be included in discussions about new office equipment, they likely don't get the chance to share all their feelings. Here's what they might be thinking about wide format printers:

  • They make life easier.

Everyone in the school system has a lot on their plate, and no one represents this better than teachers. These hardworking individuals need office equipment that is simple to use and quick to deliver results--both things wide format printers excel at. The truth is that wide format printers just make life easier, and that's a big deal for teachers.

  • They address big needs.

As class sizes grow and learning becomes increasingly technical, teachers are facing brand-new challenges. Without the proper equipment, teachers may feel like they're struggling to support different learning styles, engage students, and truly illuminate the joy of learning for their classes. The good news is that, because wide format printers are a budget-friendly investment, these machines can address big needs without big costs. In fact, wide format printers can even save money by cutting down on the need for other machines--all while addressing teachers' biggest concerns.

  • They create new opportunities.

Teachers are always looking for ways to engage students--but that's easier said than done. Learners are constantly exposed to outside sources of information, which means teachers need fresh ways to get their attention and make school the best and most interesting place to learn. Luckily, wide format printers deliver, allowing teachers to present material in unique formats and with eye-popping graphics.


Although office equipment decisions often rest with high-ranking school officials, it can be helpful to take a walk in others' shoes to understand the true effect of these choices. That's especially true for wide format printers that, with their impressive features and fresh opportunities, allow students, parents, and teachers to unite over an improved educational experience.

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