Why You Need A Mfp And Tips For Choosing The Right One

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Having the right multifunction printer for your business can be a huge asset if you want to boost productivity and save money on your office workflow. These sophisticated printers combine the efforts of copy machines with traditional printers to give you one centralized location that handles all printing needs. Instead of dealing with multiple devices that clutter up the office, you can now print, copy, scan, and fax on one multifunction printer (MFP).

So what are the benefits of having an MFP? And how do you choose the right MFP for your business?


An MFP printer comes loaded with great office features and can even be further customizable to include stapling hole punching and sorting options. With all of the ways you can tailor these machines to your unique printing needs, a multifunction printer can become your one-stop shop to tackle your business-related workflow. These machines will help boost your business’ productivity while cutting supply costs—saving you time and money. Some other key benefits are:

  • Performs Multiple Functions Simultaneously
  • Better Document Management
  • Easy to Use
  • Saves Space
  • Easily Upgrade and Troubleshoot
  • Lower Cost to Operate
  • Convenience

Over time, MFPs prove to be an excellent investment in office equipment and can be purchased or leased.


There are several different kinds of multifunction printers that are efficient in different ways, so you’ll need to decide what elements are most crucial to your business needs. Do you need a fast printing speed for a high volume of paper? Color printing or monochrome? Laser or inkjet? As you can see, there are a lot of factors to think about when it comes to choosing the right printer for you.

  • Print Speed: Choosing a printer with the right print speed will be your most critical decision, as it directly affects how long printing will take. You don’t want to choose a multifunction printer that will slow business down by keeping your employees hanging around the copy machine all day. When looking through a printer's specs, the print speed is listed under PPM. The higher the volume of printing, the faster the PPM rate will need to be. Ultimately, you want a printer that will keep your operations flowing seamlessly.
  • Memory: As with the print speed, memory is another crucial spec. The higher the memory, the more document information your printer will be able to retain. Memory storage will be vital to keeping up with your production needs if your business prints in high volumes.
  • Ink vs. Toner: Inkjet printers use liquid ink while laser printers use powdered toner. Inkjet printers are an excellent choice for businesses needing high-quality results and/or a lot of graphics. If you are printing many image-heavy documents, this will be the best choice for you. Larger businesses tend to opt for laser printers for their capacity to print high volumes and for their many business-related features. For your budget, you can determine the costs of ink and toner overtime to help make your decision.
  • Monochrome vs. Color: If you are only printing in black and white, a monochrome printer will be a cheaper option to handle your needs. However, if you’ll be printing in color, then a color multifunction printer will be well worth the extra money.
  • Technology: You can choose printers with fewer technologies that will more than satisfy any basic printing needs, or you can find plenty of printers that come with all of the latest technologies. An essential tech feature is that your printer can connect to WiFi, which is a feature that comes with the majority of printers nowadays.


As with any purchase decision, there are many different exciting options for everyone’s budget. Your office budget will help guide you toward the right tier of printers, so it’s best to find a multifunction printer that can take care of all your basic needs before getting drawn to the other advanced features.


A multifunction printer is a valuable investment to add to your office equipment, so you want to make sure you take the time to determine which MFP is the perfect choice for your office needs. Although there are a lot of features to decide on, once you have that ideal printer, you’ll quickly see the difference in what these printers can do for your office.

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