4 Ways Managed Print Saves You Money

Submitted by Tech Support on Wed, 06/15/2022 - 11:21
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You've probably heard managed print can save time, simplify your work environment, and even improve security. That's great news, of course--but the even better news is that managed print can do so much more.

Here are just a few ways managed print saves you money, both now and in the future!

Why Choose Managed Print?

If saving money is your ultimate goal, there are plenty of business solutions claiming to help you do just that. You have so many options--but the truth is that it's always best to start at the printer.

Why? Well, think of it this way: If your car has an engine problem, you probably wouldn't start by refilling the washer fluid or detailing the seats. Instead, you need to focus on the beating heart of the whole machine--the thing that keeps you moving forward.

The same is true in your business. Printers are at the center of almost everything you do, from marketing and client communications to project planning and record-keeping. If you want to see real results, you need a solution that focuses on the heart--and that's what managed print can do for you.

Luckily, this solution goes far beyond your print environment. In the same way engine work would help improve your car's performance in countless ways, managed print creates benefits spanning your entire company--all by starting with the printers.

How You Save Money with Managed Print

So, how does managed print get the job done? Here are the most important ways managed print saves you money:

#1: Reducing downtime

Nobody likes downtime--and your budget is no exception. When your printers are down, you have to stop whatever you're doing to fix the problem, which results in interruptions, lost productivity, and a bruised budget. It's even more difficult to get focused again once the problem is solved, which means you also lose money to distractions and frustrations.

Luckily, managed print can help. This solution keep your printers up and running in a few key ways:

  • Identifying issues before they arise and solving them proactively.
  • Creating maintenance schedules so you always know what needs to be done and when.
  • Suggesting good habits, like turning the machines off at night, to reduce unnecessary wear and tear.

#2: Increasing lifespan

Print equipment is an important investment. Naturally, you want that investment to last as long as possible--and managed print helps make it happen.

How? It all comes down to the way you interact with your machines. For example, if you're regularly using the wrong kind of paper, you could be putting all kinds of strain in your printer without even realizing it. Similarly, it's important to know which maintenance tasks you can complete and which should be left to professionals--that way, you don't accidentally ruin the device.

Managed print identifies these small issues and provides simple solutions, helping ensure your machines last as long as possible. If you take care of your printers, they'll take care of you and your budget!

#3: Setting rules

An uncontrolled print environment is an expensive print environment. Unfortunately for most companies, it often seems more difficult to set rules than to fix the problems caused by frequent mistakes and misunderstandings.

That's where managed print comes in.

By analyzing your print environment from top to bottom, this solution helps you create print rules that work in all the right ways. Instead of limiting your team's creativity or creating new hoops to jump through, managed print builds a guidebook for navigating common issues, answering big questions, and using the printer in the simplest and most effective ways.

This doesn't just bring order to the chaos--it also helps curb the costs of an uncontrolled environment. When users always know what rules to follow--like when to print in color vs. black-and-white--they'll make better choices, which, in turn, helps protect the budget (and productivity, too).

#4: Identifying patterns

One of the most important things managed print does for your bottom line is identifying patterns. It all begins with a print audit, when you and your managed print provider will look at data from across your print environment. With this information in hand, you'll be able to see:

  • How much your machines cost per print, so you know where your money is actually going.
  • Which printers are used most frequently, so you can eliminate unnecessary devices.
  • The amount of ink and paper you actually use, so you can avoid over- or under-ordering.
  • When you print most often, so you can schedule maintenance at low-traffic times and minimize costly interruptions.


Managed print can do a little bit of everything--but one of its most important benefits is helping you save money. By reducing downtime, increasing printer lifespan, setting rules, identifying patterns, and more, this solution makes your printers, your employees, and your budget a whole lot happier.

Ready to put all these money-saving tricks to work? Contact us today to get started with managed print!

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